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New Mexico offers exciting and unique chances for everyone who happens to visit here. You are welcome to see and experience what you have been missing the rest of your life. Your entrance here will be an experience to remember and you will live to remember what you will see and experience. The site where the city of Santa Fe sits was other people’s habitation for close to a thousand years. The city is now a hub of culture that mingles in the city. One can only explain the blend of culture through the discussion offoods available in the city. You can dine out in some of the areas that I highlight below:

The Love Apple

The building that housed the Placitas Chapel is home to this auspicious eatery that specializes in local cuisine. The management of the hotel has been running it on the ancient site. The building on which the hotel operates from was originally a Catholic Church. The hotel nowadays is home to some excellent chefs who cook delicious dishes. You will taste American bourbon as well as sweet bacon and other unique starters. You are free to choose a variety of main dishes since the cooks in the hotel are at your service.

El Meze

Fredrick Muller is the executive manager of this classic restaurant that is famous for offering unique American food. Have you ever managed to eat the foodof the mountains? This is food that is made in a mix of meat, fish, and vegetables. Under the guidance of Muller, you will find a style of cooking and serving that you have never experienced. The food in the restaurant is a blend of Moorish and Spanish influences. The décor is so unique that the indoors appear executive. Why wait more? Go into the El Meze and have a firsthand experience.

Michael’s Kitchen

Are you on the lookout for fun and unique craze? The place that you need to be is none other than Michael’s Kitchen. This is not just a restaurant. It is a well known bakery that engages in preparation of cakes. Once you taste a cake from Michael’s Kitchen, then you will most likely never taste another one anywhere. You can eat the cake from the restaurant and you can also carry the cake home. Some of the treats that you will get in the hotel are apple flavor, brownies, cookies, and bear claws among others. You will get excellent and unique offers of breakfast and dinner in this hotel.


Most of the restaurants in this city are known to cook Latin and Hispanic roots. Gutiz has however moved away from this tradition making it a unique hotel for anyone who comes into this city. This restaurant is now offering a blend of Latin and French foods. You are free to get any meal in the hotel. Pop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner at anytime and day. You do not need to book in advance. You will get sandwiches and tapas available in small plates that you can throw away after using them.

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