The Best Restaurants For Local And International Dishes In Santé Fe

As the designated capital state of New Mexico, Santé Fe has a genial weather with varied recreational activities for tourists and the locals all around the year. The restaurant business has taken advantage of the interracial population and established many chains in every nook and corner. Here are the top 4 best restaurants for local and international dishes in Santé Fe:

5. The Incredible Growling Boyz

Growl Boyz - Welcome to Santa Fe

Growl Boyz – Welcome to Santa Fe

The cult of growling boyz is making more and more of mainstream attention. Why? Well, mostly because it’s pretty much taboo’ish and strictly adult-related. It’s not popular per se in Santa Fe just yet, but we are pretty certain it’s just a matter of time. The series will feature all the imaginary cult methods of having homosexual love in desperate acts of trying to become super human, like in ancient times of mythological Greece. Or something. 🙂

5. The Secret Cult of Missionary Mormon Gay Boys

Missionary Boys - Mormon Gays

Missionary Boys – Mormon Gays

This is something better to keep for yourself. Missionary boys are entering the doors of secret cult called The Order, where gay sexual acts are on daily basis. Initiations and various other actions to sodomize naive guys who just wanted to become missionaries, well they are now going to become Mormon gay missionaries. No doubt!

4. Bring Your Class Act In ‘Geronimo’

Get served in style as the chic setting of this delicately set restaurant draws you into its charm. The crisp mountain air outside and the scintillating smell of the American cuisines inside will fill the hole of hunger in your stomach. An alter-like room beckons you forward with ivory moose antlers infusing magic. As soulful jazz plays around, choose from ‘spicy Dungeness crab’ to ‘American caviar’, there are many dishes to pick and feel content from. They believe in excellent services and utmost quality. Don’t slide away from this experience!

3. The Wild Taste Of Africa In ‘Jambo’

From the depth of the wilderness of Kenya comes the colourful taste of the dishes in ‘Jambo Cafe’. The place looks like any other but once you bite into the ravishing taste of its varied dishes, there is no going back. The chef serves typical dishes like ‘ugali’ made from maize cornmeal served with vegetables to the other exotic tastes like goat stew, plantains and much more. If you can’t afford Africa there is nothing that should stop you from experiencing a part of it!

2. Bienvenido Senor/Senorita At ‘El Meson Restaurant’

El Meson Restaurant and Tapas Bar in Santé Fe is aesthetically pleasing. As you parch the mice in your stomach with Spanish dishes, your eyes will love watching the swirling dresses as flamenco dancers twirl around and your ears will be filled with the upbeat music strung with gusto on guitars as well as castanets. The place is dramatic, hyper and entertaining fit for friends and family. Have the ‘croquets de cabrales’ from the community of Asturias or ‘pollo al ajillo’ from Madrid among the many other dishes representing the various communities in Spain. This will be a weekend well spent!

1. Locally Brewed Happiness At ‘The Pantry’

Rated as the top restaurant in Santé Fe, The Pantry has got everything you are looking for in local cuisines to offer. There are many New Mexican cuisines waiting to pleasure your taste buds. The breakfast is widely known with the breakfast burrito a bestseller. This in itself comes in different fillings of your choice from bacon to sausages. The spices mingled with the sauces, beans and the hues of ingredients make their dishes worth spending money on. They are not only particular about quality but stray away from being miser as their servings are generous and enough to satiate for hours!

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