New things to do, see and eat in Santa Fe

The city of Santa Fe is based on tradition. The city has held on to human history that range from current age treats to the ancient Indian pueblos. In spite of this great historical gap, the city of Santa Fe has managed to keep the two range of histories coexist in a wonderful manner. Once you step into Santa Fe you will be treated to a wonderful bliss of cultural upheaval that has ever taken place. This is from the times that New York artists entered the city in the year 1630 to the time that the settlers from Spain invaded the area.

The change that happens in the city comes with personality even as things change very fast and furiously. The city has had new things come in but they seem to interact with the old as opposed to the expectation of many that they can conquer the old. This therefore means that Asian flavors can mix with tacos. Moreover, margaritas can also meddle with craft beer. It is also interesting to note that the modern architecture can properly pop up in museums and other ancient places even as ancient museums gaze into the ever changing customs of cultural mixes.


Santa Fe has a host of new restaurants that are cropping up these days. Eloisa and Radish Rye have managed to engage the visitors in such an amiable manner. However, don’t miss a meal at Sazon, a restaurant whose chief chef is none other than Fernando Olea. Fernando keeps the menu easy, small, and consequential.

Consider having craft beer in the famous Chili Linne Brewery. The beer herein is made in a familiar manner so that you do not get lost. You could order a pizza that is ordered together with mozzarella that has been smoked in a matchless manner.


The night life in Santa Fe is so exciting that you get sacked more so during the off seasons. At this time, the Plaza seems to be dark as early as nine. The hotels in the area also accommodate the locals in a special manner and the visitors are also treated more than kings. At the Eldorado Hotel, you will see a Lounge that has been improved so as to match the ever changing needs of the locals as well as new comers into the city. Music is the best that you have ever experienced.


Santa Fe is not just about eating and drinking. It is a city where you can do proper shopping for your own or family. The Hive Market is a shop that has been made in such a manner that you can get almost everything that you need in perfect shape. New Mexico merchandise is sold inplenty and you will not regret having a moment to shop. You will get nuts that are of high quality, candles, chocolates, and some other retail items that are cozy enough for you. Santa Fe is the place where you will not be disappointed. You will get more than you need. Welcome to the city of fashion and choice.

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