The Only Santa Fe Hotel on the Plaza

Step out into the new experience in Santa Fe Plaza. In this building, you will find the ever charming and entertaining splendor restaurant called American Southwest. It is specifically located in La Fonda. It is the only hotel that you will find in Santa Fe Plaza. No other. You can begin in any area in Santa Fe and you can be sure that on the Plaza, your adventure will culminate in American Southwest. It offers a unique experience of the old charm and you will also experience tasty food prepared in a modern convenience and blended in a Mexican style that is both authentic and fun filled.

The hotel is fitted with a décor that is as vibrant as it mingles in an interesting manner with the modern Mexican architecture. You will also notice that the hotel has generous amenities which include water for free, flattering center of business, caretaker services, and Wi-Fi. The hotel is loaded with guest rooms which are over a hundred and seventy. Each room has been given a beautiful finish and the suites give the guests a chance to enjoy the classiness of the property. The artwork that is fitted is one of an authentic feeling and the furniture has been crafted through the use of hands.

On stepping into the hotel, your mind literally forgets all the bothers of the day since the cool and calm feeling of the atmosphere is one of a kind. Whatever bothered you before you got here is blown away by the massaging experience of peace and tranquility. You have no challenge to overcome you in American Southwest since your problems are taken care of by the management.

They have ensured that you get the experience of a lifetime here. Your move into this hotel is not taken for granted. The set up of the hotel is in such a manner that your peace is the first priority that the management considers. Aside from the elegance of the property, the hotel has a one of a kind compound where you can relax under the cool flowing of waters that move around the compound of the hotel. You will get local music as you move around and get entertained as you move along.

The management is aware that your presence here is purely on a relaxing mode. The money you pay on entrance for your entire stay also caters for a gym and spa. You need to visit the gym in the morning and evening. The spa is open for you anytime. You will get some classy massage as so you can drain your problems away on a soft classy mattress.

This is a perfect example of an authentic scene where you will get to experience diamond star hotels. The dining experiences are exceptional and the bar is also classy offering you a tasty and classy cocktail bar outdoors.The venue is also a wonder since it has camps and tents where you can hold party with friends and family. This is the place to be on the Plaza.

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