Top 10 Restaurants with the Best Food in Santa Fe Area

La Boca restaurant

Any time you have a meal in La Boca; it will always be a new adventure. The place is ever packed with energetic crowds and it is an excellent place for you, family, and friends to enjoy tapas spread as people watch in the midst of the bites. Do you want to dine in a similar fashion like a Spaniard? The restaurant is conducive enough to host you if you have Spanish roots. Even though the hotel is fully graced by entrees, I suggest that you focus on tapas since this is where the magic is. Try to eat some meals such as fried eggs, crimini mushrooms, Reggianito, and truffle oil among other meals. You may also try Spanish chicken, goat, mint, and cheese. For Spanish late night meals, try to visit Taberna which is adjacent to La Boca and a sister restaurant and it is open till an hour to midnight.

The compound restaurant

The designer of this hotel is the well known Alexander Girard. He designed it in such a manner that it has a cool blend of elegance and modern bright colors. Ensure that you are not by passed by the roof above you where you will experience the tiles on the ceiling and they are made of Navajo material. A snake traverses a ceiling of one of the rooms in a discreet manner. Mark Kiffin, the owner of the restaurant has managed to tune the meals of the restaurant to measure up to the décor.  You will find such meals as chicken roasted in butter milk, tenderloin beef, and excellent tastes of wine. Wine is as wonderful as the menu and you have the option of selecting the tastes of wine that feature in high end cocktails. During your dinner time, you will not need to be in a hurry since the staffs will not make you eat in haste.

Dinner for Two Restaurant

In this romantic restaurant you will come to know that the main attraction is found at the tableside. At the tableside, you will find salads made as for Caesar, bananas, and blistering Chateaubriands. All these will be preparedin front of your eyes on your plate. Once you come to the restaurant, make sure that you come with a hungry person or a date for your life. This is because the dishes at the hotel are prepared for two; hence the name of the restaurant. The dishes of the fish are altered every week. Organic beef and chicken which has been crisped with Gruyere are also some of the meals that you will find at dinner for two restaurants. Every day in the restaurant is unique since you will find two soups whose varieties are oyster mushroom and creamy truffle. You will interact with some of the best servers who have trained to handle you in a unique manner. They also help you to go through the menu so that you can make informed decisions of meals.

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